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Brevard Film and Talent (BFT) is a 501(c)(3) Not For Profit Corporation 

BFT promotes film production and related arts in Brevard County and throughout Florida. Through speakers, workshops, seminars, and actual film shoots we both practice the art and learn new techniques.  



"The Model" won Best Overall Production at the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival October 20, 2018! This marks the third year BFT has entered the Tie Up Loose Ends Contest and has brought home one or more awards each year.

The contest required the producers to create an ending for an unfinished script (also chosen through the competition) by award winning screenwriter, Eric Emerick. The completed film was must portray each director's view of the opening scenes, as written, along with the newly created ending AND credits in a run time of no more than 5 minutes. Films are judged on overall cinematic technique and the uniqueness of their endings.

Thank you to Pound the Grape (a wine and more store) where friends and family meet to play games and attend events. They kindly allowed us to use their location for this film.
KUDOs to BFT members EDDIE CRAIG and ERIC EMERICK for thei entry into the same contest.
Their film (of the same title) won the award for BEST ENDING for their hilariously funny conclusion.
CONGRATULATIONS to all involved in these projects!
Check out
Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival in 2019, to find out about next year's Tie Up Loose Ends Contest and how to enter!

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Public service has become a favored endeavor in our filmmaking, and we regularly put in over 200 hours a year toward the production of Public Service Announcements for local nonprofit organizations and governing agencies.  Our PSAs have been seen on Brighthouse/Spectrum Networks, websites, and at “Movies in the Park” throughout Brevard. 
MEETINGS and most events* are FREE and open to all.

 *Fees may be charged and/or reservations may be required for select events.  

BFT strives to keep fees low to allow everyone to participate.


Brevard Film and Talent meets the 2nd Monday of each month

MEETING and PRSENTATIONS 6:30 p.m. until 8:00p.m.  
Networking and Socialization follows.
The meeting is FREE and open to the public.

The March 11, 2019 meeting will be at Henegar Center in Downtown Melbourne, Florida.
Please chck back for information on upcoming meeting locations.

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